Welcome to all

Fay Vale produces a unique brand of Galactic art  inspired by interplanetary energies and guidance from the Universe.


Despite having displayed no artistic inclination in the first 61 years of her life, Fay began creating her artwork in 2007, after a supernatural experience left her with a powerful drive to produce images and symbols that could only be described as extraterrestrial in nature.


What makes Fay's art so special?

The images hold a subtle power, communicating with the subconscious mind and evoking positive effects in those who connect with them.

Fay understands that “the images have powers which help us move forward in life, by activating and bringing energies to the forefront that no longer serve us, for healing and releasing.” She explains that "there are triggers set in each piece of art, which subtly open us up to possibilities we may have initially thought were beyond our earthly experiences”.

Fay lives in England and creates a range of Galactic artwork from her home near Glastonbury:

  • Personal Readings in Art (from a photograph)

  • Original signed artwork & prints

  • Spiritual Reading Cards

  • Greeting cards

  • Her Book E.T. as Artist is available on Amazon and signed copies are available from the site shop 

Fay welcomes enquiries from anyone who is interested in receiving a reading, purchasing her artwork, and/or finding out more about what she does and her experiences, so please get in touch.