I call my work Galactic Art because it comes from other planets & dimensions


It all goes back to July 2007 when I, along with a friend, had a close encounter with a UFO. The experience has changed my life completely in a really positive and especially artistic way. My work began two weeks after the encounter and I have been drawing and channelling messages ever since.

Prior to the experience, I never had any desire to produce art, and as a busy wife and mother it wasn't even in my thoughts. I have also never received any training in this field, so when it came into my life one morning, I was completely surprised and quite shaken. I just woke up and had an overwhelming urge to take a paper and pencil and draw.


I knew the art was coming through me rather than from me because it just flowed, without conscious thought or interruption. What was particularly surprising was that I was using my left hand, though I am right-handed, so naturally it would have made more sense to use my dominant hand to write or draw.

Since 2007 my work has developed as the connection has become stronger. I am always happy to share my experience with the others so please contact me with any questions, or if you have a similar story you wish to share.