Energy is made up of vibration and vibration is connected to strings . The whole Universe is held together by string formation .Strings cause vibration when energy is produced by sound waves going through them . This in turn creates what we call noise . Noise is intense vibration and our moods connect to the velocity of this on many levels . Sounds that harmonise with our personal vibration are pleasant to us , no matter how loud or soft .Noise that clashes or does not integrate with our own vibration can cause ...HEADACHE ...NAUSIA...and MOOD SWINGS .

This is because it is out of sync with our body guitar so to speak. Its like when a piece of music is out of tune or our car makes a noise that we are not familiar with ,we know its not right. When this happens our body protests and can cause all sorts of disruption .

Once music... the sound of nature... or even just the noise of the Planet we call silence is restored . We can then align and go back to the harmonious vibration and that feeling of peace . This is why disruption and noise and the lack of continuity cause the body to go into stress level .

We are only Energy and Vibration held together by Mass

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